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      A Message from Scott

      “My family has always been inspired by the juxtaposition of culture, faith and fashion. AllThngs is a result of my sons and I asking the questions of whether or not we can launch a brand that means something, provides a reminder of what people can do through Him and inspires people from all walks of like it, love it and invest in it?” 

      Through those questions and conversations on airplanes, in hotels, in shopping malls in Capetown South Africa, the shops of iconic Local Brands in New Zealand, Oklahoma City, Miami, New York, Atlanta... and walking the streets of La Brea and Fairfax in LA, in addition to a few test runs that “sold out” AllThngs was birthed. Scott, Wesley and Jayden all bring their unique perspective to accomplish the vision of the AllThngs brand.

      We understand lots of faith Inspired brands will often give a percentage of sales to some sort of cause, non-profit or ministry. I’m here to tell you that 100% of the proceeds from AllThngs will go to a “Black Family” – “Our Black Family.” [insert laughs and you’re crazy] In all seriousness, we live a life of being generous to causes, organizations and people… and we seriously respect and appreciate you investing in our brand.


      This Is Our Family 



      So What Does AllThngs mean? Did you realize the “I” is missing from Thngs? If not, obviously you were never the Spelling Bee Champion or you grew up in the SpellCheck/Grammarly/Autocorrect generation.

      AllThngs pronounced “All Things” is inspired by Philippians IV•XIII "I can do all things through Christ." The “I” is removed from the word things because it’s not about “I”, it’s not about “me,” it’s not about “we,” it’s not about “them” it’s all about HIM. [ i ⬇︎ HE⬆︎]. i must decrease, HE must increase.

      AllThngs isn't simply a clothing brand, it's a Reminder of what you can do with Christ. Period (big dot) the end.

      AllThngs is committed to creating unapologetically Dope apparel.

      Thank you for investing in something that means something.